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Beard Cream 2oz.

Beard Cream 2oz.

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Our nutrient packed beard cream but in a traveler friendly size!  Our beard cream is formulated to moisturize, nourish and stimulate the beard with all-natural, effective, plant based ingredients. Enriched with Jojoba Butter, Argan Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, this cream delivers essential nutrients and hydration to promote a soft, healthy beard. Hemp Oil and Castor Oil work together to stimulate growth and prevent breakage. A sophisticated and luxurious scent with a blend of natural and floral notes. Follow up with one of our Beard Oils for maximum nourishment.

Directions: Place a dime size of beard cream into your palm and rub into your beard. Your beard may require more or less depending on size and needs.

*Please always do a patch test to ensure no allergies exist to this product.

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    Cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients that support moisturizing, nourishing, and stimulating the beard. Free from sulfates, silicones, parabens, and other artificial ingredients harmful to your beard.


    • Jojoba Butter: Mimics the scalp's natural oils to moisturize the hair without leaving residues, and helps rapidly reproduce hair cells.
    • Hemp Seed Oil: Moisturizes and strengthens hair, promoting hair growth, and improving the skin's elasticity. Rich in omega acids helps prevent water loss and injects moisture into the hair and skin.
    • Sweet Almond Oil: Seals in moisture, improves hair strength, and soothes skin irritation for healthier, shinier hair without clogging pores.
    • Castor Oil: Encourages hair growth, treats dandruff, and hydrates hair and the skin beneath. Its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe irritated skin.
    • Argan Butter: Deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin, helps repair damaged hair, and promotes hair growth due to its richness in vitamins and antioxidants.
    • Cetyl Alcohol: helps to lock in moisture by forming a protective barrier on the skin and hair.
    • BTMS-50: vegan wax emulsifier that conditions the beard and skin underneath. Supports detangling.
    • A special unique blend of Lavender, Patchouli, and Bergamot essential oils to enhance your beard without clogging the pores. Warm and relaxing scent with a hint of floral.
      • Bergamot Essential Oil (Organic, Vegan): Known for its refreshing aroma and skin-purifying properties, it helps to create a sense of calm and well-being. 

      • Lavender and Patchouli: Calming properties. Lavender accelerates hair growth, while Patchouli addresses skin inflammation and promotes smooth, glowing skin.

    100% Organic & Vegan -- 2 Oz.


    We would be happy to provide a refund for defective products with documented issues. 


    EST. Shipping 3 - 5 business days via USPS


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